7 Productivity Tools 
In One Platform

Stay Secure

Nynja was built from the ground up with a security-first mindset to protect you and your data. Work with the peace of mind of messaging encryption, advanced compliance, and more.
All-in-one communications​

Improve Quality & Productivity

Video conference chat logs disappear and sharing a 4 GB file through messaging platforms requires opening a separate file-sharing application. Efficiency suffers when tools don’t talk to each other. Nynja unifies your communications, so you can get work done.
One service to replace many​

Simplify and Reduce Costs

You have probably already hit file storage limitations on other platforms and realize the costs of multiple subscriptions quickly pile up. Our users get more done and save an estimated 60% with Nynja.
Focus on what matters most​

Increase Revenue

Streamlining internal and external communications drives successful outcomes. Nynja users report an average 30% new business close rate improvement after switching to the platform.

Thousands of businesses run on Nynja

With better meeting management we increased our new business close rates 30% after switching to the platform.
Robert V
New York, NY
Every month we are saving more than $1500 since we switched to Nynja; and managing one subscription instead of 5, has definitely been valuable .
Samantha J
Omaha, NE
We are in the medical field, so compliance matters, and other tools don’t offer the HIPAA standards we need. Nynja feels super-secure.
Madison G
Sacramento, CA