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How to Effectively Educate From a Distance

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On Aug 27th, 2020 Nynja brought together leaders in education and distance learning to discuss today’s current challenges and best practices for maintaining “Education Continuity,” as universities and schools coordinate with students, faculty, and administrators to facilitate education from afar.

The 40-minute webinar covered the following topics:

How to cultivate safe, secure, and reliable communications for education participants looking to connect from anywhere, at any time, across a variety of internet connections?

“What are the pitfalls and best practices for remote educators?

What should our expectations be for the technology that enables distance learning?

What features do remote educators and learners need to be effective in a remote setting?


JR Guerrieri

NYNJA | Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang

Classroom Without Walls

Casey Borman

Professor, UCLA | Anderson School of Business


Shelly Palmer

The Palmer Group