Welcome To The Nynja FAQ

The purpose of this FAQ is to show you some of the Nynja features you can use for work every day.

If you spot something on Nynja that needs fixing, let us know directly from the app on your phone using the wheel navigation. Select Help and Support, your message will go straight to our Nynja engineers to address your suggestion or issue. We really appreciate your help!

How Do I Log Into Nynja?

Once you’ve downloaded Nynja onto your phone (iOS or Android) uses SMS authentication to log in.
Simply provide your phone number and matching country code and you will receive an SMS.
Once received, use the code in the SMS to log into Nynja.
Congratulations! You’re now free to Collaborate, Communicate, and Share.

Do I Have to Have My Colleague’s Phone Number to Add Them as a Contact?

No, there are several ways to add a contact that don’t require their phone number.

How Do I Add Contacts in Nynja?

Nynja makes it super easy to find and add contacts. From the home screen, open the wheel to find contacts. From here, choose one of several options to add a contact that either are already on Nynja or have not yet registered.

Search by Username: Contacts already registered with Nynja will be searchable by their Nynja username and can be added from the results screen.

Search by Number: Contacts already registered with Nynja will be searchable by phone number and can be added from the results screen.

Add a Contact by QR Code: All Nynja users have a QR code that corresponds to their account. With this method, you can scan an existing Nynja user’s QR code or share your own for them to scan to be connected instantly.

Add Phonebook Contacts: You can add your existing contacts from your phonebook.

Invite New Contacts to Nynja: You can also invite new users to Nynja through an SMS invitation.

Share Contacts: If one of these methods doesn’t work, you can ask one of your existing contacts to share the contact card of the person you wish to connect with.

How Do I Send Messages in Nynja?

Nynja offers robust messaging features to enable seamless collaboration. Users can navigate to a contact or reply to a message and perform a variety of actions, including:
  1. Send text messages
  2. Edit sent messages
  3. Star messages to save them
  4. Recall sent messages
  5. Reply and forward messages
  6. Record voice messages
  7. Recall voice messages

How Do I Make Calls with Nynja?

Nynja supports free calls to friends and colleagues with call clarity and call stability that is unrivaled.

In order to call a contact, users need simply start at the home menu, find the contact that they would like to get in touch with and select either the “Call” to have a call without video or the “Video Call” to have a call where both call participants are able to see one another.

The call function works just like a normal phone call with Nynja notifications turned on. Users’ phones will ring and they simply answer the call as they would normally and get down to business.

How Do I Transcribe Messages in Nynja?

For people in a hurry, voice messages can be the most effective way to share ideas, but if the receiver is in a meeting or otherwise unable to listen, this actually delays communication. Nynja’s voice-to-text transcription uses Google’s Natural Language Processing (NPL) engine to transcribe voice messages either automatically or on-demand.

Once logged into Nynja, users simply find their desired contact, send their voice message and their colleagues can simply press the voice message bubble for one second, press transcribe, and voila! The message will appear with remarkable accuracy underneath the original voice message.

Hint: You can also leave yourself messages to transcribe for use later as notes or to save time on typing!

How Do I Translate Messages in Nynja?

As the world continues to shrink business people find themselves crossing borders, cultures, and especially languages. Nynja makes working in a global village just a little bit easier by incorporating Google Translate that allows users to translate text messages from other languages into their native language based on their language preferences.

In order to translate a message, users simply long press the chat bubble to reveal a menu, once the menu has appeared, they can press the “Translate with Google” button and the translated text will automatically display below.

Users can press the translated text to untranslate the message or even to change the destination language that they prefer if the original translation isn’t their preferred language.

So whether you’re translating between taxi drivers or colleagues in an overseas office, Nynja makes the distance between you just a little bit smaller.

How Do I Set Up Instant Translation for Text Messages in Nynja?

With Nynja, you can break down the language barriers in your conversations with foreigners, in your travels, holidays… or just to practice a language. To quickly translate text messages, enter a recipient profile and go to language settings. Choose the language and turn on auto-translate on receipt. All your future messages with the recipient will be instantly translated.

How Do I Translate Voice Messages?

Voice messages can be translated in two simple steps – transcription and translation.

Press the voice message bubble for one second and then press transcribe. The message will appear with remarkable accuracy underneath the original voice message. To translate it press the transcription bubble and choose to translate with Google.

Hint: To perform translations between multiple languages, you might need to update the language settings.

How Do I Set Up a Conference Call on Nynja?

Nynja supports conference calls for up to 100 people completely free and with no limitations on the length of the call.

To set up a call, users can set up a group if no such group exists with the participants that they would like in the call. If the group already exists, users can simply go to the group, select the call option from the wheel, choose the participants they would like on the call and initiate.

Colleagues will receive a ringtone in the same fashion as with a standard phone call, no more searching your inbox for the meeting link or phone number and meeting room ID.

When finished with the call, choose either to end the call for yourself or everyone in the meeting room.

How Do I Schedule a Message for Later on Nynja?

Scheduled messages are a great way to manage time and be super efficient. Not ready ready to ask for a project update?

Schedule that message for tomorrow in case you forget. Need to ask a colleague for something when you know you won’t be available?

Scheduling your messaging gives you the power to be on top of things even when you’re not there.

For clever users, you can also schedule messages to yourself as reminders, with files and attachments delivered precisely when you need them. To schedule a message, simply choose the contact that you want to get in touch with in the future, type your message and then instead of simply sending the message as usual, hold down the send button and select the date and time you wish to send the message.

How Do I Share My Location on Nynja?

After allowing Nynja to access device’s location, users can choose whether they want to send starred, recent or current location by clicking send location. To share a location, users can simply choose the contact they want to share a location with, open the wheel, click actions and then choose location.

How Do I Create a Group in Nynja?

Setting up a group can be done in just a few simple steps.

After opening the wheel, users should choose group and then click new group.

Next step is to add participants, add group image and group name and confirm by clicking create.

How Do I Recall Messages? Does it Delete the Message for Both Parties?

In order to delete a message, users simply long press the chat bubble to reveal a menu. Once the menu has appeared, they can press the delete button.

How long do you have the ability to still delete for both or all?

Users can “delete for both” any message for up to 24 hours.

How Do I Share a Contact with a Colleague on Nynja?

Nynja makes it super easy to share a contact.

By entering the conversation with a colleague you want to share a contact with, find actions and then contacts

. From here, choose one of the contact within your contact list and simply share it with a click.

How Do I Share Pictures and Video with Colleagues on Nynja?

Within the conversation, open the wheel and find actions.
By clicking actions, choose media and share images and videos from the gallery or recent folder.

What is the largest file or media size you can send?
Users can send files and media exceeding 1GB on Nynja.