1. Nynja for Mac and Windows is designed to work within the secure environment of the browser.

  2. For highest security, we recommend our users utilize private browsing on Firefox or Incognito window on Chrome.

  3. When Nynja needs to access any private resources like camera, microphone or storage, the browser confirms access with the user, adding one more layer of security. After the meeting is completed and the browser window closed, all user data is promptly offloaded from the computer memory, leaving no trace on the computer.

  4. All user data is stored securely on our cloud. For in-meeting security, we only provide non-Nynja users with limited access to meeting data to view presentations, while Nynja users have full access in a private group to shared media or files and chat. This gives us the ability to flag meeting disruptors and if necessary stop their access to the Nynja platform.