Conference Call Management.

Join your team’s conference calls that are in progress, in real time. Jump in and out of conference calls at will.

Imagine your sales team’s regional meets, your tech team’s daily stand-ups, see which calls are still in progress, who is still on the calls and jump in and out of these at will to monitor and give your input and feedback!

It is like being on several calls at the same time! It is that easy with Nynja!

One Platform For All Your Mission Critical Communications.

The Nynja team brings a combined a hundred years of experience in building messaging solutions for global companies that are scalable and secure.

Try Nynja today to see how we’ve combined messaging, voice, video conferencing and file sharing, and enabled them to operate with one hand on mobile devices.

See why Nynja has the features teams need to get work done more easily and efficiently:

Key features1

Frustrated with having to use multiple apps to communicate and share documents with your team, clients and business partners? With Nynja you can message, call, video conference and share files all in one place, from your mobile phone or on your desktop. Plus our unique translation and transcription features make it faster and easier to do business around the