Webinars 2

NYNJA CEO and Co-founder JR Guerrieri and Marketing Director Dan Beach

Why NYNJA and NYNJA Coin?

How does NYNJA’s token economy work?

Where is NYNJA being traded and why?

Is this an ICO or an IEO?

NYNJA’s wallet and the labor marketplace

Webinars 3

Daniel Beach of NYNJA and Nikolay Bankov Nikolay Bankov co-Chief Technical Officer NYNJA discuss in a webinar replay- The Technology behind the NYNJA App

Webinars 2

Daniel Beach of NYNJA and Javen Lou, Co-Founder and CMO at BitMart, discuss the state of the blockchain, the Crypto Market and Launch of the NYNJA Coin in a live webinar.

Webinars 1

As part of NYNJA’s thought leadership series we present an interview with Gavin McGarry, founder of social media agency Jump wire Media based in Los Angeles. Jump wire has been named a top 5 innovator in media by Fast Company.