Managing Groups

In this training session we take a look at groups, because these days we’re all conversing with colleagues in online chat, meetings or video calls.

Co-Founder Marshall Taplits will share his years of experience as a team manager, and give you actionable tips for managing groups on NYNJA, such as:

  1. Did you know you can share files with people who are not on NYNJA?

  2. Did you know you can assign more than one group admin?

Managing a group is very much about managing team communications: questions come up such as who should be in the group, and if everyone is included are some members getting notification overload, and are important items being missed?

You’ll come away knowing how to:

  1. Create groups for frequent collaboration or short term projects

  2. Securely manage participants and group files

  3. Start a call instantly, or as a scheduled or recurring meeting, with voice, video and screensharing

  4. Set guidelines for leading a group with etiquette and safety in mind

  5. Using group aliases and @name mentions

  6. Use administrator controls