Robert V

With better meeting management we increased our new business close rates 30% after switching to the platform.

Samantha J

Every month we are saving more than $1500 since we switched to Nynja; and managing one subscription instead of 5, has definitely been valuable .

Madison G

We are in the medical field, so compliance matters, and other tools don’t offer the HIPAA standards we need. Nynja feels super-secure.

David Cadorett

NYNJA is a great software because everything is in one place and easy to find.

Jesus Martinez

The key features are the video conference with screen share

William R. Burns Carluccio

NYNJA offers a cost efficient and global communication solution…

G.E. Dunn

Nynja provides me with high speed, virtually unlimited file size transfers…

Pam Caucino

When a daily shift is in progress, all employees are totally connected to each other

Susan Witkowski

Mr Guerrieri has been very supportive in the launch of this video platform…He has been a pleasure to work with

Micheal Joyce

Nynja has been tremendous asset