Jun 2, 2022

It often takes multiple tries to figure out a winning approach to a goal. And, since every situation is a little bit different, our natural tendency is to play out all the scenarios we can think of before we decide what to do. Sometimes we even delay our progress waiting for the perfect plan to materialize, when “good enough” would have been good enough to get started.

To ensure that perfection doesn’t become the enemy of good, we can develop a practical plan using a simple and repeatable formula. Through this formula, we break down what we want to accomplish into 4 digestible components, and create a logic model that bridges us from where we are to where we want to be.


Current Situation. Describes the conditions of the here and now, and why we want to change them.
Example: Unclear boundaries between work and life due to work from home, technology, etc.

Strategies. General ideas of how we think we can transform the conditions described in Current Situation.
Example: Create – and adhere to – a schedule with set office hours.

Actions. Specific to-do’s relative to what we want to change and how we think we can change it.
Example: Calendar short breaks for exercise or other healthy habits during the day.

Outcomes. What we want to happen, our ultimate vision or goal. The net results of Strategies and Actions.
Example: A healthy work/life balance.


When we implement a plan of our own creation, we empower ourselves to become the architect of our own successes. This entails taking responsibility for our actions, making appropriate adjustments, and monitoring our progress along the way. If we don’t give up, we are sure to achieve even our biggest dreams.

Speaking of adjustments, NYNJA understands that your typing hands can get ahead of your brain. No need to panic – with real time editing, you can course correct in a flash. Now, if only it were that simple in life.