Dec 15, 2022

Groups! They’re not just for companies!

Nynja Groups can help you keep in touch with all the people in your life!

Why not create a group for your kids? Or maybe get your whole family together for a holiday video call! Nynja groups are great for sports teams. How about a group where you and your friends can talk about your pets or anything! Or a secret group for those ‘oh so special’ friends…Ooh lala! Just create a group, invite the contacts you want to add and before you know it you’ll be messaging back and forth, video chatting and sharing your latest pictures, videos news and gossip! It’s that easy! And most importantly you can share all these large videos and hi resolution pictures from Android to IPhone with no loss of quality! 

Groups are a private, secure way to stay connected. 

Create a new group today and see for yourself!