Jul 7, 2022

You’ve done your Monday smart preparation habits and you’re set for the work week to begin. Now what?


Mondays – or any day for that matter – can run even more smoothly when you have a solid routine in place. In fact, Forbes cites ‘developing a routine’ as the #3 work habit of successful people, referencing legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour.


Using Anna’s routine as a template, we can extract the following strategies:

  • Set a consistent start time. Whether you prefer to run with the sun and peruse the headlines, like Anna – whose day starts between 4 and 5:30 am – or are more of a late riser, setting a consistent start time to your daily routine ensures you allocate enough time to get through whatever you need to accomplish.


  • Incorporate exercise. While Anna plays tennis in the morning, you can reserve time for some your activity of choice, e.g. light cardio, swimming, stretching, or whatever you enjoy to get your blood pumping and keep your body healthy.

  • Eat and drink. Unless you’re a breatharian, you’ll need to reserve a slot or two to eat and drink at the appropriate times in your daily routine. Prepping fruits and veggies ahead of time, and carrying a reusable water bottle can help to ensure healthy meals and hydration are on hand – or if you’re like Anna, you can run out for a Starbucks.


  • Meetings and interactions. While Nynja’s messaging function can greatly reduce the need for meetings and conference calls, you’ll still want to reserve part of your day to make connections with colleagues. As for Anna, her ​​afternoons are typically reserved for off-site meetings, lunches with designers, planning events, or external appearances.


Solo work and wrap-up. Whether it’s reviewing documents, writing content, or corresponding via email, it’s good to reserve an hour or two at the end of the day for closeout. You can also check your Nynja dashboard to see where ongoing conversations left off, and where you may need to pick them up again tomorrow. Anna makes sure to close the loop when she heads home in the evening to ensure nobody is waiting for her feedback.