Apr 22, 2022

Hello fellow Nynjas! Here are a few more tips on how to get the most out of your Nynja communications tools!

Did You know?

1) Unlimited Meeting Length

Sometimes meetings run longer than expected. When that happens it’s vital to stay connected…Did you know? Nynja offers Unlimited Meeting Length for all PAID users!



2) Starred Messages

Starring a message is a great way to find messages, notes and other files you have stored on the NYNJA platform quickly and easily…Did you know? Starring your message works just like a Bookmark or Favorite in your web browser!


3) Share My Location

Need to let someone know exactly where you are in real time? Did you know? After allowing NYNJA to access your device’s location, you can choose to Share Starred, Recent or Current Location! Here’s how >

Look out for more features and tips coming soon!