Mar 4, 2022

Hello fellow Nynjas! Here are a few more tips on how to get the most out of your Nynja communications tools!

Did You know?

1) Secure Your Link Function

Ever wish you could password protect a link you shared? Or set a time limit for how long that link may be accessed…Did you know? Nynja gives you the option to Secure Your Link before sharing a file! Take a look!


2) Report A Problem

It’s frustrating when we have a problem, and at Nynja we do our very best to assure our users have the best experience possible. However, despite best efforts and intentions, in real life, things can go wrong…Did you know? Nynja makes it super easy to Report A Problem! Here’s how!


3) Finding Your Shared Files

With so much information going back and forth, finding files that have been shared with you can, sometimes, be a daunting task. Not so with Nynja Cloud Storage…Did you know? Nynja makes Finding Your Shared Files quick and easy! Here’s how!

Look out for more features and tips coming soon!