Apr 1, 2022

Hello fellow Nynjas! Here are a few more tips on how to get the most out of your Nynja communications tools!

Did You know?

1) Leave A Group (Desktop)

Sometimes a group outlives its usefulness. When the time comes, it’s easy to clean house…Did you know? You can Right Click a Group to Leave & Delete (Desktop)



2) Customizing Your Profile Name Within a Group

Ever want to have a different user name in one particular group? Or maybe even to go incognito for a little while…Did you know? You can change your user name for any group. Just go to Group Options and scroll down to My Alias. Your new Alias will appear in that group and in that group only!



3) Mobile Search

Here’s a great tip; On your MOBILE Device you can Search your messages by PRESSING the Magnifying Glass on your homepage (Timeline)


Look out for more features and tips coming soon!