Apr 8, 2022

Hello fellow Nynjas! Here are a few more tips on how to get the most out of your Nynja communications tools!

Did You know?

1) Sharing Files and Media Via Text and Email

We all have contacts we need to share files and other media with…Did you know? Even if they don’t have Nynja, you can still send large files, images and media to your friends and colleagues using Nynja!


2) Multiple Conference Calls

Double (or triple) booked?…Did you know? Nynja is the ONLY SAAS platform that allows you to Manage Multiple conference Calls simultaneously!


3) DESKTOP Search

Here’s a great tip; On your Desktop you can Search for KEYWORDS by pressing ‘Control’ F (or ‘Command F’ for iOS) and entering your keyword into the text box. You’ll instantly see all occurrences of the word within your conversations!


Look out for more features and tips coming soon!