Apr 28, 2022

The transition from in-person to work from home – or WFH – means letting go of daily, face-to-face interactions; from fellow commuters on the train or bus, to a friendly (or not-so-friendly) barista, to our colleagues in the office. For some, we can feel at a loss for human interaction; while for others, this is a welcome state of zen. 


Either way, nature abhors a vacuum, and we can’t sit alone in solitude forever. To fill the socialization void and resist going full hermit mode (yes, we know working in your pajamas is great), WFH professionals can test out new ways to network and build relationships – from the comfort of home or out and about in the neighborhood. 


If your schedule is jammed, and you can’t make it out for a breather, make it a regular point to look over your contact list and reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. A simple “how are you?” is an easy conversation starter, and helps keep your relationships up to date. It may turn out that person was also thinking of you, or that a once-dormant opportunity gets uncovered.


When things free up, lace up your walking shoes and hit the streets for a coffee, smoothie, or lunch break at a local business. Be sure to bring some business cards, as one-off interactions in your ‘hood can sometimes lead to leads – especially for WFH entrepreneurs. Building connections and prioritizing relationships over sales is a winning strategy for any business to succeed.


Lastly, consider inviting a colleague or new business lead to collaborate and communicate within the  NYNJA platform using the Invite function. If adding value to someone’s WFH life is social currency, you’ll be flush in no time.