May 19, 2022

We all know, intuitively, that an organized workspace can help us to be more productive, creative, and focused. However, while we may have an established habit of sorting and cleaning our physical office, we may be neglecting virtual workspaces like our computer desktop, hard drive, and applications folder. This digital clutter, left to fester, can hamper our productivity.


For example, we may default to saving files on our desktop for quick access – only to find that our desktop has become a cluttered mess, and we no longer know what’s what. Likewise, our main hard drive folder may have become a catch-all for every little thing, instead of creating a logical file directory where everything has its place and is labeled accordingly. 


Not to worry. Just like in the physical world, when you need to organize a space, you begin by pulling everything out and identifying, labeling, and sorting things into piles and categories. At first, it will seem like a giant kerfuffle, and you may turn to the bottle in regret; but once complete, everything you need will have a place, and everything you don’t need can be discarded or donated.


Digitally, this means opening each file, individually, and assessing what it is and whether you still need it. Before moving on to the next file, be sure the file has a name that accurately describes its contents so you won’t have to open it to identify it moving forward. An easy naming convention is something like: What it is-Who made it-Date (applied as Resume-MarkJones-April2022). 


Lastly, move the file into a folder that makes sense – even if it’s the trash. On the other hand, if you are retaining a file, using the example of a resume, you might name the parent folder “Resume and Professional.”


In the case you want to free up hard drive space while digitally decluttering, populating your file library on NYNJA Drive lets you manage files and folders securely, economically, and easily – as well as share and send files and folders with both internal and external users. Beautifully integrated into the NYNJA platform, you can get a fresh start – and stay organized – with NYNJA.