Apr 7, 2022

Mondays are about taking a pulse that sets the vibe for the rest of the week. And whether you’re a news junkie, fashionista, or sports fan(atic), scanning your favorite places on the web can make you feel more plugged in and ready to roll.

To take it a step further, the act of sharing positive news can help to bolster morale and boost optimism for both in-person and remote workers, alike. A 2020 MIT-Sloan Management Review study conducted at the height of the pandemic revealed that employees who received an experimental nudge to consume – and discuss – good news were 18% more optimistic, 32% less anxious, and 12% more likely to feel grateful than their un-nudged counterparts.

The takeaway: good news is good for you. So, as you peruse the headlines, curate some positive stories to share with your friends and colleagues. This habit can also serve as a bookend to the beginning or end of your work day, helping to create boundaries that support a healthy work/life balance.

Ready to start? Integrated into the NYNJA mobile app, NYNJA Custom Shortcuts make it super simple to build – and check – your customized list of links on the go.

Setting shortcuts is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Login to the NYNJA app and press the THREE DOTS to the right of the word ‘Shortcuts’
  2. Add your own shortcut by pressing the PLUS (+) SIGN 
  3. Enter a name and URL for the shortcut you wish to create, then press SAVE    

Keeping current never felt so good.