Jul 14, 2022

So, you’ve got your team vibes humming with 1:1 check-ins, working groups, and happy hours if and when possible. Even still, with remote teams in different time zones, speaking different languages, and using different equipment and applications, it takes a consistent effort to get – and keep – everyone on the same page!

Using Nynja as a touchstone, team leaders can implement a few more tactics to further gel their crews:

Weekly or bi-weekly team check-ins. In addition to cultivating individual relationships, you can use the Nynja meetings function to create a once weekly or every two weeks check-in at a time that works for everyone on the team – making sure no one has to get up too early or stay up too late. Give everyone an opportunity to share their project status and resolve any outstanding questions between team members.

In the case of teams in different countries, Nynja’s in line translation and transcription function makes language barriers no problem.

Implement a file sharing system. When files are shared in a single location, it can reduce upload and download times, allowing work to be completed more efficiently. It’s easy to create a Nynja Library with appropriate sub-folders for your team and give everyone access – facilitating unimpeded transfers of files and information. You can even password protect individual files to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Share helpful, funny, or meaningful content. When you come across an article, short video, or meme that’s relevant to your team’s mission, you can use the Nynja Concierge function to share it across the board. In particular, introducing humor to the work day adds levity to what might otherwise be mundane.