May 13, 2022

Analyst Coverage


Communication resellers today face enormous pressure in terms of lower margins, increased support costs, fiercer competition and technology that is struggling to keep pace with evolving market needs. Nynja’s channel program should be appealing to those providers that are looking to tap into a growing market segment, and deliver services that should resonate with the vast number of organizations that must efficiently manage hybrid and remote workforces.”

–Jon Arnold, principal of J Arnold & Associates


Nynja is demonstrating a unique vision by creating a platform that can substantially improve workflows and business processes for the legions of businesses that rely on outsourced and contract employees. As the use of non-permanent employees becomes more commonplace, solutions like Nynja’s will become essential for ensuring productivity and collaboration across a hybrid and location agnostic workforce.”—David Mario Smith, Founder and Principal, Inflow Analysis


Nynja’s combined offering of collaboration services, workflow management tools, and crypto payment support is effectively designed to address key operational requirements of the expanding gig economy for businesses, freelancers, and contractors.  —Hyoun Park, CEO and Chief Analyst, Amalgam Insights