Oct 7, 2021

NEW YORKOct. 7, 2021

Nynja Uptick

Nynja, a secure encrypted all-in-one communications platform, announced today it saw a huge uptick in both new downloads and traffic among existing users over the last 7 days which it directly attributes to the service outages experienced by competitors Slack and WhatsApp.

— Newly released internal analytics demonstrate that while these other platforms went completely dark, Nynja became a viable alternative for communication among peers and co-workers which it believes will continue to trend as it grows its user base and consumers experience the many added features that Nynja offers–



Nynja is an all-in-one communications platform and the fastest way to make conference calls and keep working!  Just click and join, it’s that simple. Nynja is committed to data integrity and Absolute Business Continuity (ABC). Users can schedule and run conference calls with screen sharing, while also sharing notes, chats and large file transfers in groups or to individuals. Global communication is facilitated through instant translation and transcription of voice and text messages. The Nynja platform features secure encryption of cloud data storage for saving messages, images and files. It features a beautifully designed and intuitive interface highlighted by the app’s patent and patent-pending concentric wheel navigation system. The concentric wheel enables quick and easy navigation of the app using only one thumb and eliminates the need for back buttons.
Nynja is available to download for free on any desktop, Apple Store or Google Play

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Nynja Uptick