Apr 10, 2022

NYNJA Introduces Channel Program to Deliver Integrated Workstream Collaboration Solutions to SMEs and Enterprises

Margin-Rich Initiative Includes Sales Training and Technical Support for Partners That Provide Mobile-First Solutions to the Modern Workforce

New York, NY and Silicon Valley, CA April 11, 2022—Nynja Technologies, the leading provider of Integrated Workstream Collaboration solutions for the modern workforce, today unveiled its new channel partner program. The initiative, which is available to Global System Integrators (GSIs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs), Master Agents (MAs), and other technology and communications resellers, gives eligible partners the opportunity to sell, service, and support Nynja’s market-leading mobile-first solutions to customers ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to enterprise customers around the globe.

Nynja’s platform is uniquely designed to address the comprehensive needs of the modern workforce, which encompasses workgroups, gig workers, freelancers, contractors, and remote-based personnel. This platform integrates a comprehensive range of capabilities such as conferencing, meetings, threaded messaging, encrypted chat, embedded streaming, and file sharing, as well as scheduling, smart contracts, and transactions. Selected partners that participate in the Channel Program will enjoy pricing discounts, training, support, and marketing assistance that help partners transition from selling commoditized solutions, and monetize this fast-growing and substantial market segment.

“We are very excited to expand our engagement with the channel, which we believe provides partners the opportunity to tap into a sizable—yet underserved—market. This burgeoning segment includes remote workgroups, contractors, freelancers, and hybrid team members who find legacy solutions impractical for their specific needs,” said Salvatore “JR” Guerrieri, Nynja’s chief executive officer. “MSPs, VARs, and System Integrators have been forced to settle selling commoditized legacy solutions that offer compressed margins and receive little assistance from their technology vendors. Nynja’s new channel program is an ideal opportunity for these partners to break away from commodity selling, and offer margin-rich, value-add solutions, to a rapidly expanding segment.”

“Communication resellers today face enormous pressure in terms of lower margins, increased support costs, fiercer competition and technology that is struggling to keep pace with evolving market needs,” noted Jon Arnold, principal of J Arnold & Associates, an independent technology advisory firm based in Toronto. “Nynja’s channel program should be appealing to those providers that are looking to tap into a growing market segment, and deliver services that should resonate with the vast number of organizations that must efficiently manage hybrid and remote workforces.”

Nynja’s platform is ideal for solopreneurs, legal and healthcare industries, SME, and corporate enterprises. Its cloud architecture is completely hosted on servers based in the United States, and is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. Nynja services can be accessed via iOS and Android mobile devices, and web browsers.

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About Nynja

Nynja is the leading provider of Integrated Workstream Collaboration services, offering a comprehensive solution that combines conferencing, messaging, chat, live streaming, secure file sharing, workforce management, and transactions. Its mobile-first design provides effortless and secure collaboration features that meet the evolving needs of entrepreneurs, SMBs, enterprises, and other organizations that rely on the modern workforce. Nynja is available for iOS, Android, and desktop environments. To download the app or learn more, visit

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