Apr 12, 2022

NYNJA Signs Partnership Agreement with ROI Communications to Provide Workstream Collaboration Solutions to New England-Area Businesses

Mobile-First Solutions Are Designed to Serve the Modern Workforce

Channel Partners, Las Vegas, NV April 12, 2022—Nynja Technologies, the leading provider of Integrated Workstream Collaboration solutions for the modern workforce, today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with ROI Communications. As part of the arrangement, ROI will sell, service, and support Nynja’s market-leading mobile-first solutions to customers ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to enterprise customers.

Based in Norwood, Massachusetts, ROI Communications is a recognized provider of advanced IT infrastructure, security and communications services to a broad range of customers in multiple markets. The partnership with Nynja enables ROI to provide comprehensive solutions that satisfy the evolving dynamics among businesses and the growing ecosystem of freelancers, gig workers, contractors, freelancers and remote workers. As a Nynja channel partner, ROI Communications can take advantage of competitive pricing discounts, incentives, and has access to Nynja’s sales, marketing and technical support teams.

“Nynja offers a solution set that is perfectly suited to address today’s workforce, which is a growing segment of contractors, gig workers, freelancers and other personnel that find traditional business communications solutions ineffective and insufficient for their needs,” said Jeff Liberman, chief technology officer of ROI Communications. “Our partnership empowers us to offer the flexible, accessible and secure capabilities that will help these customers bolster productivity and efficiencies while significantly reducing costs.”

Nynja’s platform integrates a comprehensive range of capabilities such as conferencing, meetings, threaded messaging, encrypted chat, embedded streaming, and file sharing, as well as scheduling, smart contracts, and transactions. Nynja’s platform is ideal for solopreneurs, small and mid-size businesses, and corporate enterprises across various vertical segments. Its cloud architecture is completely hosted on servers based in the United States, and is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. Nynja services can be accessed via iOS and Android mobile devices, and web browsers.

“We are proud that ROI Communications has signed on as a channel partner and will serve a lucrative—but highly underserved—market,” said Salvatore “JR”

Guerrieri, Nynja’s chief executive officer. “As businesses continue to rely on freelancers, gig workers and other external staff to perform mission-critical assignments, partners like ROI Communications are perfectly positioned to help organizations meet these exacting requirements.”

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About Nynja

Nynja is the leading provider of Integrated Workstream Collaboration services, offering a comprehensive solution that combines conferencing, messaging, chat, live streaming, secure file sharing, workforce management, and transactions. Its mobile-first design provides effortless and secure collaboration features that meet the evolving needs of entrepreneurs, SMBs, enterprises, and other organizations that rely on the modern workforce. Nynja is available for iOS, Android, and desktop environments. To download the app or learn more, visit

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About ROI Communications

For over 10 years, ROI has helped hundreds of mid-market and large enterprises make thousands of optimized technology decisions while helping manage the lifecycle of their technology. Based out of Norwood, MA, our team has over 150 years of combined experience in the IT industry. We act as a trusted advisor and advocate for our clients and serve as a constant in a world of ever-changing providers and personnel. We help drive the right decisions on critical IT, security, and cloud infrastructure and then stay present through the entire lifecycle of the technology – from strategy and innovation to value optimization, and renewal.

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