Nynja Stands with Ukraine

Nynja Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

Nynja Technologies stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they fight to preserve their democracy and freedoms.

Preserving freedom and the opportunities it affords is of particular importance to me. Growing up in an immigrant family, I learned firsthand about the impact of freedom. As a result, I’ve had pathways open, which allowed me to create three successful companies.

Nynja is truly a global organization. Its ideation came while living in Hong Kong for seven years and running my previous company, Acolyte Technologies. Ultimately, I returned home because of the increasing limits imposed in that region. Nynja’s staff live and work on five continents around the world, with several directly impacted by the recent events in Ukraine. Additionally, Nynja’s customers are also spread across the globe – both in wealthy nations that are used to many freedoms and developing ones that are still growing into theirs.

These all have shaped our mission at Nynja: to empower the future of work and democratize the opportunities available for knowledge workers around the globe. Our platform allows workers to connect, collaborate, and get paid more easily – no matter where they are.

To assist the people of Ukraine, we are offering complimentary premium subscriptions on our platform – which allows secure, encrypted communication and collaboration, including video, audio, and text chat, to anyone in Ukraine. Nynja Cloud is 100% hosted on servers based in the USA and is both SOC2 and HIPAA compliant.

These free subscriptions will continue until a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine is achieved, and the government and people of Ukraine are no longer under threat. In the meantime, the Nynja family sends our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the people of Ukraine as they fight to keep their freedom and way of life.

About the Author:
Nynja Technologies CEO and Co-founder Salvatore “JR” Guerrieri is a successful serial entrepreneur, investor, with years of experience building and growing startups, creating new industry verticals, and raising two daughters.

JR Guerrierii, CEO & Co-founder of Nynja Technologies