Jun 9, 2022

Whether working from home, in the office, or at a neighborhood coffee shop, the art of the Nynja requires flowing with distractions to stave off a potential drop in productivity. These disruptions can include but are not limited to dogs barking, kids running amuck, cubicle chatter, and cappuccino frothing. The bottom line is: things are going to get noisy.

That said, we can keep our energy focused and our mind at ease – even in the midst of chaos – with a few simple strategies:

1. Align environment to tasks. Spend a few minutes at the beginning of the work day evaluating what kind of work you need to accomplish – and which environment would best support that.

Choose a dynamic environment like a coffee shop or coworking space when you want to network, collaborate, and bounce ideas off other people; on the other hand, if you have multiple video or conference calls, you may need to shut yourself away in a home office or other quiet spot.

2. Generate white noise. Sometimes unexpected distractions can arise, even in your dedicated workspace. Playing ambient music or sounds provide white noise to maintain your zen, even through the construction project next door.

When said noise occurs during your team meeting, remember to activate Nynja’s patented Background Noise Cancellation so nobody has to know.

3. Go with the flow. When distracting noises or interactions with colleagues (or family members/pets) can’t be ignored, it might be the universe telling you it’s time for a break. Put the mouse down and take a walk outside, do a chore, or take a snack break until things settle down.

Tailored for use on both desktop and mobile, Nynja helps to make sure your work is accessible – or in the flow.